I am coming to the realization that losing weight and getting out of debt are the two major areas of bondage for a lot of people (including myself). I want this blog to be an inspiration & encouragement to you as proof that God is faithful in ALL areas of your life— especially in faith, food, & finances.
— Alison M. Roae, Wife, Mama, Life Coach, Blogger

Faith. My faith is deeply personal to me. No, I have never led anyone to Jesus (that I know of). I have not had a miraculous conversion or anything. The freedom came slow & steady. To make a super long story, short, my heart was so freaking broken! My childhood was THE BEST in so many ways, but as good as it was, it was also equally the worst. Through the fun-filled summers and brisk, beautiful Falls growing up in Pennsylvania came other more adult things my little girl self could not comprehend…divorce, abuse, addiction, manipulation, blame…the works! That is what resulted in my brokenness. It’s surreal to think about the little girl mentality thinking “my lemonade glass is totally half full, and I love making lemonade with all of these lemons, but why am I still so sad?” THIS. This sadness was the brokenness that inevitably happened to my little girl heart that was stunted from all that “life” that happened in my childhood. 

This healing that lead to my personal freedom took years of tears and pushing and trialing and erroring and jumping and leaning in and grasping for that hem of His garment. I knew Jesus would prevail and heal my heart because He promised it. He did. He totally did. And I have no idea when it happened. I remember one day completely burdened by the brokenness and wondering how I would even make it, to running completely free and healed of that deep brokenness. To specifically describe it, the vantage point changed. Jesus went from carrying me along in rescue, to me chasing after Him in pure freedom and intimacy. 

Intimacy with God. That is what the whole beautiful purpose of my life is about. I am unable to keep silent about it any longer. 

My hope for this blog is to make my very best attempt to put this intimacy I have into words and give you, the reader, practical insights so you can be free too! It is worth the effort to turning your life to Jesus and being alive to God. It is not some far off, unachievable endeavor, but one that is near. God is near.

Yes, I am super into personal development, but I would be lying if I told you that I have “self-loved myself” to healing. It all came down to the super real truth of coming UP under the Cross. The freedom is found in the truth that God is wild about you and you are totally free to be the best version of yourself by being who God created you to be.

God wants you set free and I am going to use every key I have on my key ring to open it up to you!


Food. I love food. I believe it would not take you long to see for yourself that I love me some ribs and some ice cream! However, it is not serving me well. I am working to make permanent change in this area of my life so I can have better health for a number of reasons.

I am doing this by way of WW online and intermittent fasting. My husband and I are supporting each other in this endeavor. My goal is to be a Lifetime WW member by June 2020.

This blog is going to be a way of me documenting my progress and the asinine head games that I need to overcome. I believe achieving this goal is the next priority on my list to continue living my best life.


Finances. Come along with me as I share Team Roae’s debt free journey with you! Y’all— my husband graduated from Vanderbilt in 2017 and I have student loans out the wazoo too. I will share with you how we are navigating through our journey including job loss, babies, and losing focus. I have all kinds of strategies that have and are still helping us through.